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Product Marketing Expertise

Our Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval™ is among the top 3 most recognized seals in the U.S.

Over 54% of consumers are likely to choose a product with the PTPA Seal over competing products.

PTPA Media is the only Influencer Agency in North America that has its own recognized awards division. PTPA Media is the only influencer agency with a CEO spokesperson who is a recognized media expert that producers turn to for fresh content.

Built-in Consumer Community

Unlike most influencer agencies who solely build your campaign around the bloggers’ reach, we have an engaged community of over 70,000 parents. We’re able to instantly reach our community on multiple channels to share your content with them.

We are the only digital agency with over 70,000 consumers who turn to us to learn about authentic and honest feedback on products for their families.

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True Multi-Channel Influence Marketing

Today’s consumers want personalized communications – they want to feel like you know them and connect with them on their preferred channel. Whether it’s via TV on their favourite talk show, in-person events, social media, radio, YouTube How-to videos – you name it. PTPA is proud to connect with consumers on multiple channels.

We are the only influencer agency that doesn’t have to look outside of our firm to generate radio segments, tv hits, and how-to videos.  We can do all of this in-house.

Build trust like no other

Designed to build trust amongst parents, the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval™ makes a winning product more likely to be purchased than other products. 54% more likely, to be exact.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, generate app downloads, increase brand awareness or drive consumer engagement – we can help you authentically engage with families.

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Work with the largest network
of top influencers

We help brands tell their story through North America’s most influential bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers who have a combined reach of over 120 million consumers. We take pride in developing creative influencer marketing campaigns to drive engagements.

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combined social followers
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Our clients include amazing brands

The PTPA team has developed many successful influencer-marketing campaigns with up-and-coming startups and for some of the world’s leading brands. A selection of the leading brands and agencies we work with:

We develop meaningful influencer
marketing strategies and campaigns

We have developed and managed over 100 successful influencer marketing campaigns and brand activations in a variety of industries. See a selection of our successful projects:


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