PTPA Media Inc. – Certification Mark Standard

PTPA Media Inc. – Certification Mark Standard

PTPA Media Inc. Services Overview

PTPA Media Inc. awards a Seal of Approval (“mark”) to products and services that have been tested and evaluated based on a pre-defined set of standards. The mark is intended to indicate

to consumers “the wares in association with which the certification mark is used have been found by a panel of parents to be “family friendly”1 products and/or services of a quality satisfactory to the certification mark owner. To be considered “Family friendly” products and/or services, an evaluation process based on the following three components, is undertaken and facilitated by PTPA Media Inc.

1.1 Using qualified Testers

1.2 Using standard evaluation criteria (in Questionnaire format)

1.3 Quantitative and qualitative analysis of results

2.0 The PTPA Seal of Approval Evaluation Process

2.1 Selection and Assignment of PTPA Testers/Evaluators

2.1.1 PTPA Media Inc. recruits and manages a team of qualified volunteer parent testers to conduct product and/or service evaluations

2.1.2 To become a qualified volunteer parent tester for PTPA Media, candidates are required to submit a formal application that is reviewed by PTPA Media Inc. head office. The application requires candidates to provide personal information including name, address, occupation, age, sex, number of children, age of children, sex of children and household income for the primary purpose of ascertaining the candidate’s suitability to test products and services.

2.1.3 PTPA Media maintains a database of approved parent testers. To begin the formal evaluation process, PTPA searches, identifies and matches suitable testers based on their application criteria (as per 2.1.2) with the product or service to be tested. Based on search results, a group of a minimum of 6 testers are selected and an online questionnaire is administered as discussed below.

A Family-Friendly product is a product that has been deemed by a panel of parents to be of high quality and value compared to other similar products available on the market and is one that enriches family living, through ease of use of the product and/or through the entertainment and educational value the product carries.
2.2 Conducting the Evaluation

2.2.1 Selected testers are provided with an online questionnaire to complete. PTPA maintains a database of questionnaires designed specific to product/service categories.

2.2.2 Testers complete the questionnaire with both qualitative and quantitative responses.

2.2.3 A minimum of four (4) evaluations must be conducted and collected by PTPA

for a product/service to be considered for Seal of Approval.

2.3 Evaluation Criteria

2.3.1 The qualitative and quantitative questions comprising each questionnaire together constitute the criteria and standards to which products and services must adhere to be considered for the PTPA Seal of Approval.

2.3.2 Each questionnaire will have a unique set of questions based specifically on the product category. However in each case, the questionnaires will include qualitative and quantitative questions designed to evaluate the test products based on the following standard criteria:

  • Quality / Durability / Workmanship / Reliability- The product maintained its quality throughout the testing process.
  • Price / Value – The testers found that the price represented fair value for the item being tested compared to similar products available.
  • Appropriate for Intended Users / Age Group –A verification that the suggested/intended age group was deemed appropriate by the tester.
  • Safety – Based on general observations made by the parent panel but not based on any scientific or lab related data.
  • Overall Performance As judged by the testers, the productcharacteristics met the testers expectations in that the product fulfilled its’ claims and satisfied it’s intended purpose.

2.3.3 For a sample of standard questions please contact

2.4 Evaluation Analysis (by PTPA Media)

2.4.1 Upon submission of the completed questionnaire by the testers, members of the PTPA Testing Committee review and conduct an analysis of responses.

PTPA safety ratings are based strictly on general observations made by the parent panel and are not intended to serve as an indicator that industry standards and regulations have been met. Do not rely on the PTPA Media Award as any indication that the product or service has met all safety standards, this is solely the responsibility of the manufacturer or service provider and PTPA Media Inc. maintains no responsibility whatsoever with respect to the safety practices of the product or service.

2.4.2 In each questionnaire there are (10) questions each with a scoring scale of 1-5, with a 5 being the top score for each question. A perfect score is “50”, a passing score is “35”. In order to pass the quantitative section, an average  score of “35” must be maintained, over the total number of completed questionnaires.

2.4.3 Qualitative Portion: Respondents are also required to provide a written response to each question provided. Favorable qualitative responses are considered additional requirements to be met in order to qualify for the Seal of Approval.

2.4.4 Where a passing quantitative score is achieved, but unfavorable qualitative responses are provided, the PTPA Testing Committee will collectively review and evaluate the responses, and reach a final decision accordingly.

2.4.5 Passing quantitative scores will be rejected for Seal of Approval where a  qualitative response indicates any safety or hazard concern; or violation of any relevant safety guidelines, regulations and standards is apparent.