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Marketing to Families

Download this guide to learn how to win over the most influential demographic to date: Millennials and Gen X Moms and Dads.


What You’ll Learn in this Guide

Profiles of Moms
and Dads

Before you begin, understand all the characteristics that make up the changing family dynamic.

The Rise of the Millennials

How this generation of parents is unlike any other and how they want brands to speak to them.

Digital Habits of Gen X Moms and Dads

Don’t overlook this important demographic – start by understanding their needs and habits.

6 Preferred Methods of Communication

We dove deep into the research so you don’t have to – learn their six preferred methods of communication.

Top 10 Marketing Solutions

That are guaranteed to leave an impact on your ideal consumer.

and DON’Ts

When it comes to marketing to parent influencers, especially Mom bloggers.

A sample marketing action plan

That you can put into practice today.

3 case

That show the ROI of marketing to families.

Why This Guide is Important

You can’t overlook the power of Mom and Dad consumers anymore. Females hold 85% of the consumer purchasing power and control approximately $2.1 trillion dollars of spending per year
(about 85% of a household income).

If you understand how they want to be marketed to, you’ll gain an edge over your competition and build loyalty with the most lucrative demographic to date.

This is the first comprehensive marketing to families guide that covers the entire spectrum of successful marketing to families.

You’ll learn key facts about the importance of marketing to Moms and Dads, and the platforms they use to search for product information online, as well as a list of marketing solutions (with proven ROI case studies) that you can use to impact your brand today.

Take a Look Inside This Guide

Here’s what you can expect when you download this guide:

The Changing Dynamic

One of the reasons we think it’s so important to start focusing on marketing to families, now, is because of the changing family dynamic. Women are not only the primary caregivers in a family, they’re also increasingly becoming the primary breadwinner.

Marketing to Dads

There’s a huge opportunity for marketers who want to target Millennial Dads, especially considering more than half say there isn’t enough Dad-specific content online and 69% say they’d love to see more targeted parenting content for Dads online.

Moms are Influencers

55% of Millennial Moms say they’re frequently asked for product recommendations. In total, they’re asked for product recommendations an average of 9.6 times a month.

Sharon Vinderine
CEO & Founder
PTPA Media

Words from the Authors

If you think getting your brand and products to stand out has become more difficult thanks to the ever-changing digital world we live in, you’re right. So how can you break through the clutter?


Today’s consumers want personalized communications – they want to feel like you know them, as if you’re their best friend drinking Starbucks with them on a Friday morning. To do that, you need to target the key demographics that matter – learn their hopes and dreams (maybe not the one about Channing Tatum or Sofia Vergara, but we’ve all had that one, right?). What they want, how they want to be spoken to and marketed to, and then provide them with the confidence that your product is the right one for them.

This first-ever comprehensive guide to marketing to families will help you understand what Moms and Dads really want and how you can target your marketing towards this niche market, getting more bang for your buck.