Putting your product where it belongs. With consumers.

Get authentic reviews from real parents with our Buzz-A-Baloo group gatherings – and watch those reviews get placed front and center on leading parenting blogs and social media pages.

If you want to generate authentic content for your product, initiate excitement about your brand or launch a new product as a Closed Beta – think Buzz-A-Baloo™.

Buzz-A-Baloo™ is an exciting group-gathering format for the specific purpose of letting families try amazing products as a group and share their experience via social media, videos and blog posts. We’ll leverage our network to get influencers together to see and touch your products – and then write reviews and share their experiences on their leading blogs and on social media.

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Yes, people still meet in-person. We know, pretty crazy, right?

Promoting your business online is important but Buzz-A-Baloo™ home parties take that a step further and move you from the digital space straight into the hands of your target audience.

Our team develops a party hosting kit for your Buzz-A-Baloo™ and puts your product in the hands of your target market to see, touch and try your products.

From the groups’ gathering, our chatty social media-savvy moms (and dads) share their fun experience on social media and your brand suddenly goes from a physical gathering to digital timelines and favorited tweets on social media networks.

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