over 37 million impressions and trended in top position in both US and Canada in just 1 hour?

If you want thousands of people talking about your product on social media, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll get our built-in network of influential mom bloggers and social media mavens to rave about your product and brand for a one hour virtual Twitter party.

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What the heck is a Twitter Party anyway?

A Twitter Party is a great way to generate buzz for your product on the social media channels that moms are using! You’ll get instant exposure from thousands of people talking about your product – we’ll handle all the party planning for you. Our Twitter Party methodology and popularity is second to none – our parties have an average reach of 17 million impressions in just one hour and can get your #hashtag trending in top spots both in the U.S. and/or Canada.

Best Twitter Party

Promoting the Seal of Approval Award Winners

Our February #PTPAParty was a huge success! With over 37 million impressions in just over an hour, we trended in the top 3 spots in both Canada and the US.


  • Tweets 12,012
  • Contributors reach 788,743
  • Impressions 37,100,638

Behind our party animal image:

We know how to throw a good party and we’ll handle all the details for you. Your Twitter Party will include:

  • Creating a knowledgebase of your product or service to millions of followers
  • Pre-promotion via e-mail to 75,000+ families and via our social assets to over 50,000 followers
  • Development of a minute by minute Twitter Party script to get people talking about what you want them to talk about
  • Creating rules & regulations for your Twitter Party
  • Moderating your Party Tweets (we act as bouncers to make sure the party is going well)
  • Engaging with the audience and selecting winners
  • Hosting the party with our dedicated team
  • Wrap report post party with detailed analytics

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